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The Obama Rose Rile-up at Ground Zero

Posted by Centreman on September 13, 2008

I am ideologically neutral but I had to take note of this. I picked it up on another blog under the title “Tale of Two Roses”. Watch and judge for yourself. Is there an issue of disrespect here ? 

Comparing Obama’s tossing of the rose to McCain’s laying it carefully on the site speaks volumes. These are not third party attacks. This is something that people picked up on and I am afraid I agree in this case. 

Read more here on Michelle Malkin’s Blog

This is just another in what is becoming a long list of gaffes for Obama. This one is hardly going to hit the radar but with the two men beside each other the contrast stands out. Is Obama throwing the election along with the rose now ? You can’t rehearse everything and on somethings you just have to have a political instinct on. Obama is not impressing me…


2 Responses to “The Obama Rose Rile-up at Ground Zero”

  1. Louise said

    I was watching this footage with my husband and I immediately noticed that Obama couldn’t ‘be bothered’ to place the rose on the coffin but decided to toss it. My husband’s comment was “he doesn’t respect life or death … it makes no difference to him.” I wonder if Obama will place wreaths at Arlington Cemetery to honor the fallen in war or will that not be important to him either.

  2. Clumpy said

    So? McCain makes light of death, destruction and war. (“Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb Iran.”) Why judge unconscious gestures when you have actual words and positions to go by?

    This election sucks. Pick the guy who’s gonna take our financial freedom or the guy who’s gonna kill foreign people in my name. I might not vote.
    Response- Fair point, I was blogging on the fact others picked it up, not so much as a position for or against any candidate. I myself didn’t even notice it, until it was pointed out.

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